Words of the Day!

Visiting the emergency room at any time is not a good thing, but for me this week, it was a learning experience. Remember that questions that mean kids in school always seemed to ask and answer, “Does your face hurt you? Well, it sure is hurting me”? When I went to the emergency room at 2 a.m., Thursday morning, my face really did hurt me. Not being able to withstand the pain anymore, I toddled off to the emergency room.

There, in my state, in my pain, I met an emergency room doctor who was just a walking dictionary, and caring. After the usual prodding and poking, she gave me the verdict, saying that I had an irritation,  not an infection.  The doctor explained that if my sinuses were infected, that would be bacterial. Bacterium (bac te ri um) n., (bacteria-plural)  is any group of singled-celled microorganisms including some that are disease producers. In most cases, these illnesses are treated with antibiotics. But my sinus irritation was considered viral, and antibiotics would not work. Viral irritations are like a cold and must run its course, she added. I could take medicines to help me feel better, but this irritation still had to run out.  

Days after, I feel better, much better. Thank you Dr. Garbor. Not sure I needed a lesson at 2 a.m., but I got one, nonetheless and it was worth sharing.

Say What You Mean. Mean What You Say. Know what they’re saying. Look it up and become an informed patient.



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I love Interior Design at 62, cannot think of anything else I would rather be doing. It is the right of every dweller to love where they ;live, no matter where and in what that may be in. The goal here is to introduce or reintroduce dwellers to their spaces, make them over and fall in love all over again. You don't have to live on Park Avenue to have a Park Place. There is where my talents begin.
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