Good words that get bad spellings

There are some words that we use all the time that get beat up in the spelling ring. See them below, and spread the spelling. And add some to the list and print it off for quick reference.

Arraign (ar raign) v.,  to call before court; Success  (suc cess) n.; Assess (as sess) v, to fix rate or amount; to evaluate (v.); Access (ac cess) n.,capacity to enter or approach;  Occupation (oc cu pa tion) n.;  Auditorium (au di to ri um) n.; Collateral (col lat er al) adj.; Receipt (re ceipt) n.; Wednesday (wednes day)n.; Pneumonia (nu mon nye) n., an inflammatory disease of the lungs; Guarantee (guar an tee) n.; Ineligible (in el i gi ble) adj.

Others words easy to misspell:

  1. Glimpse v. and n.;
  2. Coherent (co her ent) adj.;
  3. Accident (ac ci dent) n.;
  4. Incident (in ci dent) n.;
  5. Ninety (nine ty) n. and adj.;  
  6. Respect (re spect) n. and v.;
  7. Significant (sig nif i cant) adj.;
  8. Embarrass (em bar rass) v.

Say What You Mean. Mean What You Say, and spell it right. You may only get one chance to get it right.

signed,  a word geek


About mspam1

I love Interior Design at 62, cannot think of anything else I would rather be doing. It is the right of every dweller to love where they ;live, no matter where and in what that may be in. The goal here is to introduce or reintroduce dwellers to their spaces, make them over and fall in love all over again. You don't have to live on Park Avenue to have a Park Place. There is where my talents begin.
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