Words of the Day!

Sometimes, words we use often can get mixed up like the laundry, and if not sorted out and used properly, can end with disastrous results.

Take Loss, Lose, Lost and Loose. Now this is a foursome that keeps me on my toes. To help us, here is a break-down f each word and how to use each one…

1.) Loss (n.) state  or fact of being destroyed.

The financial loss of ABC Corp., led to its closure.

2.) Lose (luz) v.  to fail to use; waste; not used, won or claimed.

They will lose if John does not have a good game.

3.) Lost (v.), past tense of lose.

We lost our chance to buy the house.

4.) Loose (lus) v., to be free of restraint; untie.

Say What You Mean. Mean What You Say, and use the correct version. 


About mspam1

I love Interior Design at 62, cannot think of anything else I would rather be doing. It is the right of every dweller to love where they ;live, no matter where and in what that may be in. The goal here is to introduce or reintroduce dwellers to their spaces, make them over and fall in love all over again. You don't have to live on Park Avenue to have a Park Place. There is where my talents begin.
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