Writing is……….

….a combined effort of all working parts that create a completeness of idea, thought or argument in a writing that is clear and concise.

Hello and welcome to this blog.  Another school year has begun and we are excited. “Iwilljustsay,” will assist all that want or need the assistance, in improving and upgrading their writing skills. We will review grammar rules, as well as increase our vocabulary with Word(s) of the Day,  contest, puzzles, and many other exciting things to promote writing. It is recommended that all that follow this blog have a dictionary.  If there is something you need help with and the blog has not yet covered it, feel free to email your question to Pam, our head word geek. Don’t tell her we told you, but she has five dictionaries. She feels that grammar is like a cave; there is always some part of it that has not been seen in a while, and may need polishing. Pam continues to research, and write herself, in order to share. And share, she will.

Again, welcome to “Iwilljustsay.” Hopefully it will be a wing-ding of a doodle, experience.


Theoretical (the o ret i cal) adj., relating to or having the character of theory (the o ry) n., a plausible or scientifically acceptable general principle offered to explain observed facts. SAY WHAT YOU MEAN. MEAN WHAT YOU SAY, and know what you’re saying.


About mspam1

I love Interior Design at 62, cannot think of anything else I would rather be doing. It is the right of every dweller to love where they ;live, no matter where and in what that may be in. The goal here is to introduce or reintroduce dwellers to their spaces, make them over and fall in love all over again. You don't have to live on Park Avenue to have a Park Place. There is where my talents begin.
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